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24 Hour Home Care in Santa Monica, CA

Experienced and Compassionate In Home Caregivers

The Elder and Senior years or “Golden Years” can be a wonderful time as your loved one may spend their days pursuing personal hobbies and activities they never had time for before. They may be obsessive over what they will leave behind as their legacy and spend their time scrapbooking or going through storage looking for items or photos that have personal meaning.

Daily life for an Elder or Senior can be difficult and stall self-enrichment when a chronic illness or disability from natural aging has an impact on their ability to perform activities of daily living. Arthritic hands can make easy tasks painful, blurry vision can make driving to the store dangerous, and serious chronic illness can make your loved one obsessive and worried about their health.

At A-1 Home Care, we can help make daily living easier and more manageable with our 24 Hour Home Care services. We provide experienced and compassionate caregivers, nurse aides, companions, and home helpers who can provide in-home care for most care situations.

Non- Medical Elder Care Services

Our non-medical Elder Care services include basic Companion Services, After Surgery Care, Alzheimer’s & Dementia Care, Arthritis Care, Parkinson’s Care, Bipolar Care, Diabetic Care, Cancer Care, Hospice Care, Post Stroke Care, Incontinence Care, Heart Attack Care, Multiple Sclerosis Care, Lou Gehrig’s Disease Care, Brain Injury & Tumor Care, and Kidney Disease & Tumor Care.

All of our 24 hour homecare professionals must have at least 2 years of prior at home caregiving experience, verifiable professional references, a National Background Check/DMV Check, Tuberculosis testing, Malpractice/Liability insurance, First Aid/CPR training, and a personal interview with our office staff.

For more information, Please call (310) 657-8780 to get a free same day in-home assessment!

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Reduce the Chances of Having a Heart Attack for Santa Monica Seniors & Elderly

Millions each year will experience a heart attack this year. Some will survive and, unfortunately, others will not. It is one of the scariest conditions to ever be in, especially if it is being monitored.

Posted July 11th, 2018
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