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Heart Attack Recovery at Home in Santa Monica, CA

Stroke or Open Heart Surgery Care at Home

Recovering from a heart attack, stroke or open heart surgery in the comfort of your home is ideal if it can be done safely. Having a professional Caregiver, Nurse Aide, Home Health Aide or Medical Assistant to help while you recuperate is a wonderful way to improve your recovery time and avoid complications. At A-1 Home Care we offer homecare services in Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Venice and Los Angeles County at affordable prices to help seniors and elderly overcome health conditions. We provide 24 hour live in home care, assisting your loved one to regain their health and independence. Around the clock care means you have peace of mind knowing your beloved parent or grandparent is unlikely to suffer a relapse.

Caregivers for Seniors with Cardiovascular Disease

Of course, preventing a heart attack is even better than surviving one so it’s important to know what increases your risks of having a myocardial infraction or developing coronary heart disease. Some major risk factors can’t be changed such as your family medical history, age and gender. Men, especially age 65 or older, are more prone to heart attacks than women. If you smoke or are diabetic, you have a greater risk of having a heart attack. Lowering cholesterol and high blood pressure, losing weight and increasing physical activity are very good ways to decrease the risk of developing heart disease and preventing heart attacks. Remember, more than half of heart attack survivors will have a second heart attack in their lifetime. Prevention is key to living a full, healthy life.

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Home Care during the Holiday Season near Santa Monica

Home Care can be beneficial for you and your loved one. Seniors in Home Care can continue to function as independent members of society, can get personalized care and can reduce stress for you and for your loved one.

Posted December 28th, 2014
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