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Why Home Care?

Here's Why In Home Care Works

A-1 Home Care Services provides professional and compassionate senior caregivers or elder nurse aides for people of all ages in varying situations. Allocating in home care for a loved one who has recently sustained an injury, illness or hospitalization can be overwhelming. As the primary caregiver for a family member, you tried tirelessly to make it work, but the duties of assisting your loved one, along with handling your own responsibilities are much too strenuous to handle. You may also be the one in need of at home care services without the option of a family member or friend to help you. If you have found yourself in these or other trying circumstances, help is just a phone call away. A-1 Home Care provides professional and compassionate caregivers or nurse aides for people of all ages in varying situations. Our wide range of home care services include In Home Care Providers, Live In Caregivers, Seniors and Elderly Sitters, Respite Care, Terminally Ill Care and assistance for Handicapped and Disabled individuals. A-1 Home Care serves Downey, Norwalk, Lakewood, La Mirada, Cerritos, Long Beach and other cities in the Los Angeles County and Orange County areas.

Though healthcare facilities provide housing and assistance for seniors in need, they cannot offer the same quality of care or comfort that you find with caregiving at home. Studies have supported our client's testimonials that individuals recover faster, increase their life-span and enjoy a higher quality of life if they are able to remain in the comfort of their own homes. With professional homecare and companionship, the client remains in a familiar environment, surrounded by family, friends, and possessions. A-1 Home Care provides peace of mind, eases the stress of injury or illness and allows your loved one to retain their independence.

Effective Caregiving for Improved Health and Independence

A-1 Home Care offers in homecare that ensures positive effects of well-being and healing benefits. The loss of independence for many seniors or elderly remains a huge concern as their health declines. Our compassionate caregivers or home health aides or nurse aides strive to offer enough space to our clients while providing the necessary assistance to our elderly clients. The presence of a care provider for a senior needing at home care services is the safest and most effective option for improved health and positive results.

Affordable Prices for In-Home Care

The affordable prices for our in home care services for seniors at A-1 Home Care remain the most cost-effective and successful form of personal home care. Our professional caregivers offer our clients quality one-on-one at home care without the overwhelming financial obligation. If you are looking for increased comfort and care for your loved one, in home caregiving with A-1 Home Care is your best option.

In Home Care for All Circumstances

A-1 Home Care will tailor caregiving services to serve any circumstance and provide care for as long as our services are required. If you or a loved one require caregiving service for short-term, long-term or on a full-time, 24 hour basis, we can help. Unexpected injuries, illnesses and unforeseen circumstances can make the need for in-home care service very urgent. We provide homecare services anytime, day or night, for any duration. Our services revolve around the well-being of the client and family alike. Regardless of the circumstances or need of care, Downey In-Home Care is here to serve you.

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